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What is an Invisible Loan?

Our Invisible Loan is a loan that doesn't show up anywhere.  So what does that mean?


On 99% of our refinances, we're waving goodbye to hard credit pulls and embracing the gentle touch of a tri-credit soft pull. Yes, you read that right – no more dreading the impact on your credit score.


We're all about protecting that temperamental score.  So when we "pull" credit, it won't show our inquiry...thus it's invisible.

Secondly, when your loan gets approved, the debt won't show up on your credit report, no DTI issues...thus it's invisible. 


It's like the loan never exists! 


But don't get me wrong, it's a REAL loan with a REAL closing with a REAL title company.  Just like you're accustomed to, we are changing the game of funding.



But wait, there's more in our treasure trove of goodies: 

  • Lowered Credit Requirements: We've dialed down the credit threshold to a manageable 660 mid score (down from 680), opening doors for more investors to seize opportunities. 

  • Revamped DSCRs: With DSCRs now as low as 1.05, navigating larger loans has never been easier. It's all about empowering you to reach new heights in your investment journey. 

  • And here's the cherry on top: Our soft pull policy comes with a generous shelf life of 90 days, giving you ample time to explore your options without the pressure. 


Ready to experience the future of real estate financing?  


Take the leap today and join the ranks of savvy investors benefiting from our innovative approach. 

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