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If you're in need of cash, you've come to the right place.  We have millions in private money to lend and are always looking for good deals to get to the market. 


We are a leading private lender for non - owner occupied investment properties. 


Are you in the need of financing for?

We strongly URGE you to bring your next deal to Breclaw.  Money is no longer a reason for your competitor to get the next deal before you.  

Come experience Chicago's fasted growing Hard Money Lender.



Contact us to get the best offer for your deal!  

Loans Subject to Approval

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We Lend In the Continental United States

Breclaw Private Lending 


Initial Conversation

Tell Us About the Deal and your Plans on executing it.

Submitting Documents

Next,  we collect the documents, ordering appraisal, and submit to underwriting for approval.


Finally, we forward documents to title company and set the closing date.

More Info


Breclaw  Lending is a asset based lender for non-owner occupied properties.   We look at the deal first and your credit last.  We will walk you through the lending process keeping you in the loop all the way to the end. 


Credit is rarely checked and when pulled it is only for improved loan pricing. Another advantage of private money lending is there are far fewer hoops to jump through than traditional financing.


If you have an investment property (residential or commercial)  that needs to be funded quickly, we have millions of dollars to finance the deal. 


Fill out the form or call me and we will contact you and talk about your deal. 


Thanks for submitting!

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My name is Al Watson, owner of Breclaw (pronounced Bree-claw) Funding.  My goal is to be the best source of funding for your next project.  Fill out the form above or call me to start a discussion. 

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